I read an interesting article in The New York Times the other day, it’s title was “Vitamin D Ineffective for Preventing Osteoporosis“. Osteoporosis, you know, brittle bones? Now, I KNOW you’ve seen countless “Got Milk?” ads in all your years; the National Dairy Council spends millions on these ads to make you believe that all these servings of milk are going to prevent you from the horror of osteoporosis — but new studies beg to differ!

This particular research project consisted of 23 studies, comprising of 4082 participants, at an average age of 59 years (the prime age for the beginnings of osteoporosis). Neither the pooled data or any particular study showed an increase in bone density after daily dosages of vitamin D (and sometimes calcium)! Did you read that correctly? The widely promoted idea that vitamin D promotes bone health is false!

The population of China consumes the least vitamin D and calcium, yet only 5% of their population suffers from osteoporosis! Yet in the United States, where milk processors spend at least $20 million on campaigning the white stuff, 14% of the population suffers from osteoporosis! And those numbers are only growing.

Let’s make this simple: what animals consume other animals’ (other species) milk? Hmm.. NONE. Humans are the only species that will drink another species breast milk (that was created for that animals child, HELLO?). A mother’s breast milk is the healthiest nutritional substance for a growing child, but is only recommended for about the first 2 years of life. You don’t see women breast-feeding their children at ages 5, 15, or 45 do you? 1) Why are we drinking a COW’s breast milk? Well that’s all I got really. It’s as simple as that. Milk produced during pregnancy and thereafter is not meant for other species. That’s just plain weird.

What saddens me the most, is the thought of dairy cows being forced to be kept artificially impregnated, ALL YEAR ROUND, EVERY YEAR, constantly producing milk and having their baby calves taken away from them :( Imagine we did this to humans? And then when the mothers are “spent,” or not producing enough milk, they are killed for beef.

The fact is, you don’t need milk.

Here’s some milk resources if you need more info:

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